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Musical Motivation- Solange Knowles “Losing You” 

This girl clearly walks to the beat of her own drum and it works for her. She is a prime example of what being true to yourself can lead to. The beat is ridiculous and the tone and feel is unlike anything we’ve heard before. Much needed right now, because I’m too bored with the music that’s out there. Check out her True album, its everything.

Can’t leave without mentioning the colorful fashions. Only Solange can rock a orange suit with pumps. Love the curly always. xo 

Fashion News on The Corner - Solange Knowles for Lurve Mag

Solange has definitely grown up and we see it every time a picture of her is captured. Its refreshing to see someone so comfortable in their skin. Check out the pics for her new spread in Lurve Mag.

On her fashion choices she said this “I mean, look at some of my fashion choices back in the day. You know how people say, ‘Who let her walk out of the house that way?” or “She needs more people!”… Oh believe me, I had the people, and they tried, but I resisted the arrest! Life is suppose to be about experimenting and going for it, especially in your twenties. So I have to just go for it, and laugh later.” 

She clearly struts to the beat of her own drum. Love it!

****photos and quote courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com**** 

Fashion News on The Corner- Solange Knowles for Madewell

Solange Knowles shows her modeling range as the new face for Madewell’s fall 2012 campaign. In a short promo released by MadewellMusings on youtube titled Mix Well. Madewell featuring Solange Knowles, the Mom, Model, DJ, and Songstress is striking some serious poses in a collection I would adore. It seems that Madewell selected the perfect person to represent their brand. Solange has impeccable style, she mixes pieces and takes chances. She embodies style and not just fashion. The best part of the video is she looks completely at ease in front of the camera, like she’s having a ball.  

Congrats Solo!!