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Art on The Corner- The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace Exhibit at The Bishop Gallery in Brooklyn

This past Saturday, I arrived at the Bishop Gallery in Brooklyn, NY to a packed house. On this cool, late summer night, the gallery was buzzing with hip hop heads, DJs, artists, lovers of the arts and everything in between. This, all for “The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace” exhibit curated by the legendary, DJ Clark Kent. 

The Bishop Gallery ran ads via social media and was even featured on local news stations where they spoke of the legacy of The Notorious BIG. They asked artists to submit works of their interpretation of his life. DJ Clark Kent would then choose from the submissions, the pieces he thought best depicted Biggie’s life. 

The artists brought their A game, as they showcased their works of various techniques. There were portraits made with records, subway maps, metro cards, pics arranged to look like BIG’s face, crochet (yes the second photo featured here is crocheted) and pointillism. 

The first photo featured on this post is by Quentin Snagg, an artist born and raised in Brooklyn NY. The portrait was made using the pointillism technique. Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of pure color are applied in patterns to form an image.(1) In case you didn’t understand, the first portrait was made with dots. The dots were done with such precision that on first glance you wouldn’t think it’s dots at all. The chiaroscuro of the dots creates the perfect light balance to outline BIG’s features. This technique must require extreme discipline, patience and just overall God given talent. 

Head over to the Bishop Gallery. The exhibit runs through October 17. You can visit www.bishoponbedford.com for more details. 

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xo Brandis 

(1)- definition provided by wikipedia

Musical Motivation - Nas “The Don” 

He’s my new crush and he looks amazing in this video. “20 years in the game still looking 17” Owww and with Super Cat on the hook this is pure hauteness that the music game is missing right now. I so have this on blast. 

Oh dudes peep the fashion. He’s dressed like a grown man. It takes a hell of a man to pull off a pink blazer too. He straight took it back to Street Dreams. 

Lyrical FIYAH!!!!