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Musical Motivation- Nas featuring Amy Winehouse “Cherry Wine”

This is my absolute favorite song on the whole album. “Where is he the man who is just like me? Heard he was hiding somewhere I can’t see? Amy’s voice sends chills through my body. I don’t think anyone else could’ve sang her part. I love the message. Everyone is looking for their life partner. This song is pure fire. 

Musical Motivation - Nas “The Don” 

He’s my new crush and he looks amazing in this video. “20 years in the game still looking 17” Owww and with Super Cat on the hook this is pure hauteness that the music game is missing right now. I so have this on blast. 

Oh dudes peep the fashion. He’s dressed like a grown man. It takes a hell of a man to pull off a pink blazer too. He straight took it back to Street Dreams. 

Lyrical FIYAH!!!!

Music on The Corner- Nas featuring Lauryn Hill “If I Ruled the World”

After seeing his Behind the Music tonight I had to put a Nas video up here. I wish I could find something with him and AZ. Lyrically them two are beasts. I miss 90’s/early 2000s hip hop.