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Natural Hair on The Corner- Vogue.com Profiles Employee Simone Tetteh  

Well I must say Vogue.com has surprised me this week. First, they profiled natural hair beauty Janelle Monae as she was named a Cover Girl and they also profiled Simone Tetteh. Simone who works at Vogue as a Booking Associate (she’s responsible for booking hair stylists and make up artists for photo shoots) is featured in this week’s Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl segment in which Vogue captures the style of a girl during a work week. It is truly refreshing to see her on Vogue’s home page with dark skin and curly hair.

In the feature, Simone shows her versatile style in everything from denim overalls to a long, high slit, yellow dress. Her hair, which she trusts to Dickey at Hair Rules Manhattan is a small fro that’s placed in braids, tied in a scarf, and swept into updos. Having big chopped just a year ago, Tetteh is now growing her hair out and she’s having fun with it. Check out her profile as she rocks frocks from Surface to Air, Opening Ceremony, and H&M along with accessories from Walter Steiger and Nike.

She’s super cute. Bravo to Vogue for showcasing her style and her natural hair.  Hit the link below to check out her looks. 


***photos and info courtesy of vogue.com***

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